Wedding Cakes By April Reed
January 31, 2008

I am certain that most of you, like myself, are already HUGE fans of April Reed...the cake designer that has literally redefined what a wedding cake should look like. Her work is delicate, it's beyond's basically perfect. Well, it's probably a given to you guys that I was SO excited to receive an email from April with photos of some of her favorite cakes...


Last set of photos by Henry Top

How completely beautiful are these cakes? The simplicity is perfection and yet the details...oh the details! The flowers, by the way, are ALL real...made completely out of sugar. Isn't that amazing? I sound like a twelve year old girl right now, I know. But, I just love April's work so much that it's hard for me to find the right words to express just how lovely these cakes are!

Here are a few more from her collection...


Top photo by Michael Dwornik / Last set of photos by Henry Chan

Stay tuned! I have lots more GORGEOUS April Reed photos to share with you!