Dear Abby
January 25, 2008

It has been FAR too long since we've done a Dear Abby Session. I have some great reader questions that I want to share with you today with the hopes that collectively, we can help solve some wedding day dilemmas.

Q.'s my dilemma. I work for Rebecca Taylor and want to use something from our collection for my bridesmaids. I fell in love with a certain dress that was almost the right color, which I thought would be fine, but now it's driving me crazy. Now, I know that not everything has to be matchy-matchy, but I'm not sure how to fit it with the color story I orginally wanted. I always admire the way you put colors together, so I'm hoping you have a brilliant idea for me.

The original idea was: navy, classic, gold chiavari chairs, cream linens, champagnes, warm and traditional with an edge. pink peonies, floppy bows, and city formal

without being cold....


So - the bridesmaid dresses are not quite navy...more dark blue with a periwinkle tinge. The problem is, now all I can see is pink and blue when I picture the dresses and my must-have peonies together. For some reason, this color combo says more casual, bold, bright to me and less classic. Now that it's time to pick out invitiations, etc. I still gravitate to navy and I'm not really that into embracing the new dark periwinkle color for everything else. Any thoughts?? Go on with navy for everything else and pretend the dresses are navy? Give up on navy and go periwinkle even though I'm not really into that color? Find a way to combine? I just really want a cohesive color palette for our event

We'll have more questions throughout the day, but for now, can you help this reader? I will post my thoughts towards the end of the day...

A. Okay! I think that this is a pretty common problem...brides have a very particular idea of what they want in their head. Then they fall in love with a gown or a bridesmaids dress that fights their original idea. My best advice is this...go with what you love. Designing a wedding, is like decorating your living room. If you try too hard to achieve a "look", you will fail miserably. If you focus on elements, colors and textures that you love...the wedding will turn out to be just as you've always imagined and more importantly, it will truly reflect you.

Here is a photo of the bridesmaid dress that this reader loves (I love it too, big time love it)...


The blue dress is STUNNING. And, it would look perfect with creams and golds, so feminine, but so sophisticated....I think that a soft pink brought in subtly would only add to the beauty of the palette. I know that you are attached to peonies (who isn't). There are quite a few really beautiful hues available for peonies. What about going with a super soft, almost white pink peony? This will allow you to still have that elegant look, with a rosy shade of pink to break up the palette a bit? I will work on getting a color palette together so that you can see what I mean.

Bottom line...go with the element that you love, then build around that. Everything else will fall into place!