Tablescapes by Alice Charlier
January 24, 2008

After spending the morning pouring through the Alice Charlier Events site, I have decided that these two tablescapes are my favorite of her online designs...


This first design is so lovely...a table that I would want to sit at for hours, eating warm french country cuisine...surrounded by candlelight, laughing with friends and family. This look is so dreamy and so romantic, and yet completely doable.


This palette screams elegance. The silk neutral colored linens, the gold chivari chairs, the perfect white roses set off so nicely with the earthy hydrangeas. I am madly in love with this particular table. And the starfish. Oh the starfish. So chic, and yet so simple.

I have two more tables from Alice Charlier that I want to share with you in a little bit! These two, a bit more for inspiration than practicality.