Antique Chic Table Settings
January 16, 2008

First, let me start by saying, I loooooove today's post! Renny Pedersen, of Bliss Weddings and Events in Chicago, emailed me some photos from a recent photo shoot collaboration with Hello Darling Events, for Bride and Bloom Magazine...she coined this look "Antique Chic" with a color palette of Cerise Pinks, Lemon Yellows and Metallic Gold...


How much do you love this table? It's so dreamy and ethereal and romantic. I think that the infusion of gold into the palette creates such a rich, warm look and yet the whole style still seems youthful and fun. You can click on the photo to see the detail in each shot. From the floral chandelier to the perfectly arranged table...every detail seems thoughtful and unique. Thank you so much to Bliss Weddings and Hello Darling Events for sharing this with us!