Navy, Pink and White Wedding Color Palette
January 14, 2008

Today has been really fun for exercise in beautiful colors! This next color palette is a classic and to me, one that will be around for a long time. Navy, accented with hues of Pink and White...


Pink Flowers and cakes by Bella Sera Weddings, Favors by Rebecca Thuss, Programs by Bella Sera Weddings / Other images, please click here.

What I really love about this palette, is that it is both really approachable and yet fun & flirty. It reminds me of a beautiful beachside wedding, one of those late Summer weddings where everything seems so perfect and dreamy.

It's simply exchanging one neutral for another (slate for navy) or one accent color (pink for yellow), you can achieve such different looks. The darker color grounds the palette and creates a sense of order, while the accent color adds a wisp of personality.

And speaking of color palettes...the time has come to announce the winner of our Abby Jean Contest! Here is the comment that was chosen...

"I like Option C the best. It just feels really fresh and modern. It would be a great color palette for any season. Option B would be a second favorite for the vibrant colors and cheery, preppy appeal. I can picture it with fabulous argyle and little sweaters with vintage brooches."


Congratulations Hailey! And thank you to everyone who provided SUCH valuable feedback. We will post pictures of the chosen color palette once it's been printed!

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