Wedding Photography by Yvette Roman
January 10, 2008

Our Little Black Book seems to be filling up fast...and with such beautifully talented artists. Everyday, I go through the vendors, finding inspiration and ideas for this blog. I hope that it is becoming the same sort of resource for you. Whether you live in a particular city and are looking for the perfect photographer, or you are simply looking to find creative ideas and inspirations for your wedding...I am simply so proud of what the Little Black Book has become.

We have added TONS of new vendors and cities so if you haven't checked it out in a while and are in need of a little wedding pick-me-up, definitely spend some time pouring over the new work that we are featuring. One of my favorite vendors in the book, Yvette Roman, sent me these insanely beautiful pictures from two recent weddings that she shot...


I am madly in love with this color palette...the rustic neutrals, paired with shots of pink and black. It is unexpected, but oh-so-sophisticated. This next wedding is equally as gorgeous, in that incredibly romantic, whimsical kind of way...


What I really love about Yvette's work is that timeless sensibility that is so difficult to find. There is a romantic quality to every photograph she takes, whether it is a dreamy shot of a wedding cake or a black and white shot filled with all of the color in the world. Thank you so much Yvette for sharing these stunning photographs with us!