Do-It-Yourself Contest!
January 7, 2008

Well, it's finally time to announce the winner of our insanely successful Do-It-Yourself Wedding Project Contest. First, I should say...HOLY COW. These entries were so incredibly unique and inspiring. I can't believe how many creative people are out there, getting their hands dirty, making their weddings exceptionally their own. Bottom line...job well done.

Okay, I was so blown away by all of these beautiful entries that I have decided to add a couple of last minute prizes. We are going to do an audience favorite (first prize), an audience runner-up (second prize) AND a SMP favorite (first prize).

Our audience runner-up is the oh-so-cute, totally inspiring Place Card Tree!


Our audience winner...drumroll please...Black and White Wedding Details!!


And finally, the SMP favorite...and this was insanely hard because I actually have about five favorites. But, if I have to chose one, it would probably be...the DIY Coat Check Tags!!! It's all in the details!


So what do these lovely ladies win, you ask? Both of our first place winners will win a $100 gift certificate to their favorite online store! Our audience favorite will also win a copy of "DIY Weddings" by Kimberly Bare. Our runner-up will receive a $75 gift certificate to their favorite online store.

What a contest this turned out to be! We are working hard to get all of the details onto the site in a new DIY Gallery, complete with sources and how-to tips. This should be up and running within 2 weeks.

We will be announcing the winner of the 1 Million Mark Giveaway later this afternoon...stay tuned!