Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects
December 26, 2007

I love this DIY project...Custom Vinyl inspired Cds and Sleeves filled with the couple's favorite songs. Reminiscent of the old vinyl records, these Cds celebrated the couple's love of music, while adding a vintage flair to an oh-so-chic event....


To Make the Vinyl Records...

We first purchased the records at Verbatim. To personalize the favors, I designed a record label which will be printed on the CD itself. I used the old Sun Records label (a personal favorite recording company) and changed it in Photoshop to include our wedding details:

Then it was off to the internet for design ideas for the record sleeves. The sleeves will be letterpressed square envelopes with holes cut in the center, just like old 45 record liners. On the wall of my fiance's dressing room, we have hung a collection of vintage records that we've bought because of their cute illustrations or photos. To bring this aspect into the project, I went online and did a little collecting of old record liners that I tweaked in Photoshop to feature our names or initials.

"Liner notes" printed on the back side will include the song titles and artists as well as a thank you to the friends and family who will be joining us on our wonderful day. Hopefully, they'll be able to listen to these

miniature records and remember the day as happily as we will.


This is a great DIY project that will help you preserve the memories of your wedding for years to come...


Instructions on Keepsake Boxes by Heather...

To make a collage, go through bridal magazines and use the scissors to cut out words, images and phrases which inspire you or reflect the details of your event (or both!). Gather copies of your inspiration board, personal photos you'd like to include in the arrangement and emails or notes you and your fiance have exchanged through your courtship. The project can be done in one day or collect items over time and store in the plastic bag or envelope for safe keeping.

Arrange the items to your liking on the box, ensuring the box is covered. Carefully pick up each piece, affix glue to the back or on the surface of the box and glue in place. Make sure the corners are glued down, but it doesn't have to be perfect, contact paper will be applied later to ensure items are kept in place.

Cut pieces of contact paper to cover each side of the box and follow the directions on the package. Be sure to apply contact paper carefully on a flat surface and pressing down firmly to ensure a smooth surface and no air bubbles.

If needed, cut a slit into the top of the box so slips of paper can be inserted. The paper we used was printed with 3 to 5 lines and "Make a wish for the bride and groom" at the top, and the design matched our wedding invitations.