Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects
December 21, 2007
DIY Inspired
These invitations were inspired by this oh-so-cute story...

"My husband and I met while living in a housing co-op full of hippie grad students. We were assigned to cook dinner together one night - I made bread and he made some truly impressive crispy fried chicken. I always like to say that he first got my attention with that chicken. Our friends and family know this story and know us today as avid home cooks, so the image on our invitation really made them smile."


Instructions on Invitations from the designer...

The invite started as a pencil drawing and was finished up in Adobe Illustrator. I drew most of it freehand, but traced our silhouetted profiles from digital photographs I took. I saved it as a PDF, emailed it to a print vendor in upstate New York , and got our invites a few days later. Total cost with envelopes, postage, etc. was around $150 for 65 invites.

That is all for today! We will pick up where we left off right after the holidays, next Wednesday. Have a wonderful holiday weekend...let these amazing DIY projects inspire you to wrap beautifully, bake deliciously and decorate thoughtfully!