Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects
December 20, 2007

I haven't ever seen anything like this next entry...origami branches, used as a colorful touch to an elegant wedding. I can't believe how beautiful they are...


Instructions on Making Origami Branches...

I made these flowering branches by attaching small origami lilies (folded from 75 mm paper) to branches with thin silver wire. After making all of the flowers, cut 3-4" lengths of silver wire and form a small loop at the end of each piece of wire. Then poke a hole in the bottom of each flower, and insert the straight end of the wire into the flower (the loop prevents the wire from going all the way through the flower). Then, attach 5-6 flowers to each branch by wrapping the wire around small twigs. Insert the finished flowering branch into a clear vase.

For a more complete tutorial, check out Thryn's website!


I honestly can't believe how talented all of you guys are...I feel like we should open a shop together. You would all be millionaires! We will continue on with the brilliant entries tomorrow. Have a great evening!