Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects
December 18, 2007
DIY Inspired
I love these fortune inspired menus! Each flap has a course listed on the outside and the details listed under the flap. Each place setting had a menu sitting at it on top of a folded napkin...


To Make the Fortune Inspired Menus...

My husband and I designed a program in Microsoft Visio for the menu and then I went in and played with the layout, the colors, and the fonts until I got a look I was happy with. Each flap had a course listed on the outside and the details listed under the flap. I printed them on our printer at home on Sage colored 8 1/2 x 11 paper from the Paper Source. Each piece of paper had to be cut down after printing to a square size (we designed the menus so there was a faint line where the cut needed to be made and that was really helpful). Then I folded all 180 menus using a boning tool (also from the Paper Source).


These gorgeous invitations were designed inspired by the green and chocolate color palette, all using very simple (and inexpensive) products...


To Make these Green and Chocolate Invitations...

I used the following materials and methods:

- pocketfolder from Cards and Pockets. 5x7 Signature pocketfolder in Bronze.

- bamboo graphic at the top of the main body of the invite from The graphic only cost $3 and I used it many other stationery items (Save the dates, signage etc.)

- design software: 30-day trial version of Adobe InDesign - Free! I figured out the general layout of the invite using Powerpoint, then downloaded the free trial when I was ready to do the real thing. I also did the map in Powerpoint, saved as a .jpg and then inserted into the final InDesign file. That really saved time.

- Fonts: Bernhard Modern & Trajan Pro (part of InDesign), Floralia font (for the floral icon which appears on the left edge of the inserts) in letter "d" downloaded free from

Quick around with different fonts and layouts until you have something that you really love. If you aren't familiar with InDesign, lay it out in a program that you are familiar with, like Microsoft word. When printing, make sure to use a nice quality paper and print on a good ink jet, like an Epson. Secure the invitation into the folder using the amazing Scotch 3M will make your life so much easier!