Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects
December 17, 2007
DIY Inspired
These vintage guestbooks were inspired by the bride's grandmother's collection of antique Reader's Digest books...using vintage and blank pages, they bound this amazing book...add a photobooth and gluesticks, and you have such a great keepsake!


To Make the Vintage Guest Book...

I created a beautiful custom book this summer for a bride who wanted to utilize her grandmother's collection of antique Reader's Digest books for their guest book at their wedding reception. we handpicked vintage pages and combined them with blank pages and rebound the whole volume to create a one of a kind guest book. This happy couple had a photobooth at their location and with gluesticks handy, guests simply pasted their photos into the book to create an instant scrapbook effect.

With or without a photobooth or bookbinding skills, I think this same guest book idea can be molded into an easy do-it-yourself for any bride to be.

01. simply go to your favorite local rare bookshop, your attic, ebay, or your grandpa's bookshelves and choose a wonderful sturdy antique book. one that is deliciously thick with a lovely cover and magnificent spine. pages should be well intact and not too fragile.

02. if you want a few sporadic blank pages, simply cut pretty stationery to size and paste onto the pages. blank pages aren't necessary. it's all the more fun to leave a thick marker or calligraphy pen on the table and allow your guests to write between the lines and scrawl their CONGRATULATIONS in cursive across the printed page. a bit like marking up a precious yearbook.. the mingling letters will add charm.