Dear Abby
November 27, 2007

This is our first Dear Abby in weeks, and I must's a pretty good one! Reader and future bride Nicole, is struggling with a clear color palette for her upcoming September affair.


Q. I've put together the attached inspiration board, but I'm having trouble coming up with a palette that works for this time of year- on the cusp of summer and fall. I've been pondering sage green, lavender, with touches of ivory. I was considering brown as a neutral at first but I'm just terribly bored of seeing chocolate brown at weddings. I'm open to any and all palette suggestions, however.

Some details:

-The wedding ceremony is at my family's church, where my parents were married and I grew up. The church was rebuilt about 7 years ago, and the space is amazing. Photo on the board. The ceremony will be at 2pm, a full mass.

-The reception is at a country club, founded by GE employees in 1900 ( The cocktail hour will be on the terrace overlooking the golf course, and the reception will be in the ballroom.

-My engagement ring is an antique, 1930s, and we'd like to carry over some of the ring's charm into the wedding, with a timeless feel to the event.

I would love for all of you to take a stab at this, then I will let you know what my ideas are later this afternoon! Thanks everyone!!