A Late Summer Color Palette, II
November 27, 2007

If the first palette that I came up with for Nicole was soft and muted, this one is playful and perhaps a bit lighter...


Left Column from Top: Shoes shot by Elizabeth Messina, Peach and Favor Boxes on Rebecca Thuss. Right Column: Flowers by Wiggy Flowers, Dress on Bluefly

When I was looking at Nicole's inspiration board, I was really drawn to the peach hues that she included. They seemed to stand out from the rest, a sweet take on a Fall palette. When I was playing around with colors for this second board, I started drawing from the peach...adding pinks, khaki and a deep orange to ground the look. I absolutely love the end result. It seems Summery, but warm. It seems like Fall, but not quite as heavy. To me, it's a good compliment to the elements that Nicole was working with.