A Wedding Built for Two
November 26, 2007

I love the board that reader Alissa has put together...somehow making Gray, White and Black seem so chic and elegant. I love that she has taken a rather understated palette and given it a sparkle that I might not usually be able to envision...


From Alissa...

Over the past two and a half years, I have lost both of my parents. As a 25 year old, and the oldest of three kids with a giant extended family, it's just been an unbelievable time, it still doesn't always seem real. But each day you get yourself up and face the music. Through that time I had a best friend, and then a boyfriend and then a fiance that held my hand and was there for me, and now I get to marry him:-) I am especially excited for a celebration. To get all of my family together in a room for a happy occasion. I can't wait. So some aspects of my board are things we are doing in memory of my parents, and I am just so excited for the meaning we are putting behind things.

Our color scheme is black, ivory and gray gray gray! We love classic - our space is from the 1920s, with chandeliers, warm woodwork and stained glass. We've got black bowties and silver candelabras. I don't know if it's necessarily vintage, rather classic in it's own way.

I think one of the most meaningful things will be our altar (drawing in my board). Our venue is not a church and we wanted to create an 'altar' to be married in front of. Our florist suggested using trees in memory of my parents (they owned a tree farm and loved the outdoors). We are doing two 6'-7' flowering trees on either side of our altar with votive candles hanging in the branches. We're also going to use branches throughout-in the centerpieces and possibly in the invitations.

I found a website that does 'trees in a box' for favors. My fiance and I have designed a simple table that we are going to build with help from my fiance's father, using wood from my father's tree farm. I like that we've designed it, but both of our fathers will be a part of it. And after the wedding, we can use the table in our house.

Also, our bridal party isnt going to carry bouquets- but the bms and gms are both going to carry candles in glass cylinders and set them on the altar when the get to the front, like they're each bringing a little of themselves to the altar:-)

Thank you so much, Alissa, for sharing such a touching (and beautiful) story with us. I was really moved to tears at just how personal this wedding is for you. This is exactly what a wedding should be...personal, incredibly special and meaningful in a way that YOU appreciate. I love this...and can't wait to see how it all unfolds.