Jessica Rust Contest Winner
October 23, 2007

I am FINALLY ready to announce the winner of the Jessica Rust Contest. The question has the Internet, specifically blogs, changed the way that you approach your own wedding?

And the winner is (drum roll please)...Julie! I will be honest, it took me a really long time to choose a winner. Everyone's answers were so true, and so well said. And many of them had similar sentiments, each worded slightly different. To me, that means that Style Me Pretty along with the other brilliant wedding blogs out there, are really doing their job. Here is Julie's response...

In starting out with wedding planning, I did what any bride-to-be does - go to Barnes & Noble and buy every wedding magazine imaginable and sit for hours near the wedding isle perusing through wedding planning books. While finding some informative tid bits on etiquette, wedding dress designers, and discovering just why Martha is so fabulous, I, like many other brides left my magazine/book adventure feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Then I found Style Me Pretty's inspiration boards and it wasn't until then that the vision of my wedding came to life. Style Me Pretty and related blogs have become daily reading for me. I look forward to visiting these sites everyday to see what creative, practical insight they have to offer. While wedding planning has become SUCH a business and we are constantly overmarketed to, these blogs offer creativity that goes beyond the wedding machine and gets back to the heart of what this day is about. But the best part about it all is the power of all of these women coming together to help each other achieve the day we've all dreamed of. Even though I've never met these wonderful woman who take the time out of their busy days to impart some of their ideas, I feel a bond that we are all women of passion and that extends all the way from our personal lives, to our just something pretty.

I chose this particular answer because of this one sentence..."these blogs offer creativity that goes beyond the wedding machine and gets back to the heart of what this day is about." I think that basically sums it all up. Blogs offer a respite from traditional wedding sites. They allow for a really intimate, and creativity driven environment that ultimately helps you to look outside of the "wedding machine" and instead, create a day that is a true reflection of you and your fiance.

I actually used this notion in a recent interview with Get Married TV! Which will hopefully explain the reason for the question! Thank you so much to all of you who participated. It was such a pleasure reading all of your thoughts and has completely motivated me to make Style Me Pretty your go-to site for wedding inspiration.