A Brooklyn Wedding
October 23, 2007

To me, there is nothing sweeter, than seeing the perfect wedding of a Style Me Pretty reader. Knowing that Style Me Pretty is inspiring you to not only create the wedding of your dreams, but to do so while still having fun...well, it's humbling, to say the least. So of course, when Erin sent me pictures of her recent Brooklyn, NY wedding, I literally got tears in my eyes.


Believe it or not, Erin and her fiance put together this drop dead gorgeous affair for under 20k. In New York. And you know what...it's absolutely perfect. What the above photos might not convey (as they are more of the detail shots), is the genuine warmth and intimacy of the whole affair. It truly seemed like 50 or so friends and family members coming together to celebrate the love of this couple. Every element, from the look of sheer happiness on the bride and grooms faces to the warm, but chic color palette, seemed so inviting, almost magical really. In my opinion, this is EXACTLY what a wedding should be.