Wedding Details by Small Stump
October 16, 2007

My best friend Katie, whose getting married in a couple of weeks, decided to do centerpieces based around those perfect birch bark vases by Small Stump that OhJoy! featured a while back. They are amazing. Well, as it turns out, the whole world thought they were pretty amazing too and they sold like hotcakes. Katie eventually found a set on Ebay, but has been dying for more.

As luck would have it, I emailed Jill at Small Stump a day before she got her next shipment in of these little gems. YAY! So, of course, we stocked up on them. And now that we have ours for Katie's wedding (I know it's hugely selfish, but) ...I wanted to share the wealth.


The vases are $28 for a set of five (varying heights). Hurry though...I have a sneaking suspicion that these won't last long.

And, if you have some time, spend a moment or two checking out the other GREAT wares at Small Stump. Really, she has some beautiful ideas for reception decor. Like these pieces of paper thin coral...


A few of these would be so gorgeous, resting on your guest book table...anywhere really. OR, check out these adorable bud vases (in either red or white)...


Jill and Lia certainly have an eye! Aside from all of the pretty little things above, they have a section of paper that is so beautiful. For a wedding, I love the celebration banner (how cute is that) and the silkscreened birds, which I think would be a nice idea for table "numbers."