October 15, 2007

Today is officially Blog Action Day. Yep. It's the one day that bloggers from around the world are going to be focusing on the environment. So, what better day to ask Emily Anderson of Eco-Chic Weddings, to share with us her own interpretation of a super chic, but environmentally sound wedding...


From Emily...

The two words “chic” and “whimsy” were the inspiration for this board. I imagined a fun, flirty, slightly quirky bride, who would be perfectly comfortable blowing bubbles on her wedding day. The color teal seems to be in the air this season, as well as vibrant pinks and other complimentary colors of blue and green.

The petals running down the aisle are the only décor element at this outdoor wedding ceremony. So simple, but also so pretty and striking as a literal “bed of roses.” The bride and groom were confident enough that the beauty of nature, and their own happiness would be quite enough to set the tone for the ceremony. Organic rose petals are easily found, and you will save loads of money, and reduce your impact with this easy idea.

Serving sorbet to “cleanse the palette” is something I consider to be quite fancy, and served with a sweet little silver spoon, of course. Ask your caterer to order from Nature’s Flavors for delicious, organic sorbet.

The pink typeface on this lovely letter pressed invitation makes a subtle chic statement. If you work with the right stationer, like Oblation Papers and Press in Portland, you can reduce your impact because they use “tree free” paper; which means either the paper is recycled, or made from sustainable cotton. Really, any stationer should be able to print your invites on recycled paper. I don’t think the quality suffers, and paper produced for weddings each year uses 500,000 trees. This is a no-brainer! Insist on recycled, or tree-free content for your paper items. If we all do this, imagine the impact.

Greenery is simple and elegant, and you can use “live” topiary, so less waste…Also, greenery can be grown locally almost everywhere, so an easy way to support your local growers (check localharvest.org for growers near you.) Dahlias are one of my favorite blooms, and these lovelies are from California Organic Flowers.

Give your groom a beautiful tie to wear down the aisle. It doesn’t have to match the groomsmen, and if it’s one he likes, he’ll use it again and again after the wedding is over. Maybe even splurge on a handmade one, or if you’re craft maybe you can make it yourself. Simplicity pattern 4762 is an easy one to follow, or find a crafty tie maker on Etsy.

Although they aren’t “sustainable” in the literal sense, I happen to like J.Crew for wedding attire, because there’s a really good chance that the dresses will be reused after the wedding. The limited availability of sustainable fabric makes it really hard to find “eco-friendly” fashion, yet. In the meantime, make sure your purchases aren’t single use items (which the bridesmaid dresses are so often.) Plus, this dress won’t break the bank, which your bridesmaids will thank you for.

Amy Butler makes some beautiful fabrics, and this particular pattern (bottom left) inspired me. I think brides should look outside of the “bridal” market for inspiration. This sassy gal with the feather in her cap is a snap taken by the Sartorialist as she walked through Tuiliers park one day. Her carefree, sophisticated attitude embodies “chic whimsy” for me.

Thank you so much, Emily for your fabulous ideas!! We will be doing a blog round-up the rest of the day, taking a look at some of our favorite blog action day posts!