A Southern Soiree, Part II
October 5, 2007

I received SO many emails about Anne's wedding photos, that I wanted to share a few more with you. I know that a lot of you have questions about the cake, the sash, the everything...so, I am going to see if Anne will pop in for a few minutes this afternoon to answer some of them!


All photos were taken by Anne's wonderful photographer, Manuel Llaneras. The site is filled with such gorgeous images that are sure to inspire. Thanks so much Anne and Manuel for creating such a beautiful day!

I am also really excited for a series that we are starting next week...An Inspired Affair. We recently launched an updated version of the Abby Jean books in stores, and each invitation suite features a GORGEOUS inspiration board that uses photos from some of the best event planners and photographers in the business. The goal was to show how a single piece, in this case your invitation, can inspire the entire affair. We will be featuring one a week for 12 weeks. I can't wait!