Calligraphy Wedding Cakes
September 28, 2007

*spoiler alert...if you haven't already read the new Martha Stewart, this is a feature from that mag!

I am officially in love. This season's Martha Stewart Weddings features some of the most over-the-top, gorgeous wedding cakes I have ever seen. Beyond gorgeous. Perfection. One part calligraphy, one part color and confection...basically a wedding invitation designer's dream come true...


photos were all taken by Anita Calero, written by Heidi Cho

The first cake, on the top right, is basically a series of intricate scrolls, made by the brilliant Wendy Kromer. I love, love, love the colors on this cake and the calligraphy is perfect for a vintage chic wedding. The second row, also by Kromer, is a series of motifs that to me, is sweet but sophisticated. I love the use of a few smaller cakes, rather than one large.

The third cake, by designer Denise Sharp, features pieces of poetry by Elizabeth Barret pretty. As much as I love the pink cake, I really am obsessed with the monogrammed French patisserie-style cakes. How adorable are these little sponge cakes??

And finally, the most classic calligraphy cake...designed with the help of Michael Sull, calligrapher extraordinaire. Sheer beauty. Almost too pretty to eat! The last photo on the right shows paper cones stuffed with wrapped chocolates from Bell'occhio.

I am not big on "themes" but using calligraphy as a focal point in your decor is completely stunning. It just seems like such a romantic way to add personality and beauty, without seeming over the top or too styled. What do you guys think?

PS - This particular issue of Weddings just might be the best one yet. It is JAM packed with goodies. If you haven't already, definitely run out and buy it asap. And I swear, I am not just saying that because Abby Jean has an ad in really is THAT good.