Wedding Invitations by Abby Jean
September 27, 2007

New photos are in! I just got the new images that have been taken of the Abby Jean wedding line and they are so cute, I had to share them with you. The photos were all taken by Rinne Allen...


This first design is called Sophie. It is sweet but sophisticated, with a little vintage flair. This particular design is letterpressed with a faded black/brown ink, then uses the striped reception card to bring in a bit of color. Believe it or not, the silhouettes are actually replicas of those that my mom and her brother had done when they were kids. The cool thing about this particular invitation suite is that you can send us your own photographs and we will customize the silhouettes for you!


Courtney is our classic. This design is one of our best sellers and honestly, every time it is printed, it just looks so gorgeous. Engraved on a deep chocolate brown paper using a pale, robin's egg blue ink, it's one part chic, one part traditional. This invitation is all about "old meets new." Courtney was named after one of my bridesmaids and has probably received the most attention out of our original bunch. Niki Taylor used these invitations and they were then featured in US cool is that?


Emily is a great invitation to use if you are having a traditional wedding...with a twist. Engraved on soft white paper with chocolate brown ink, it's more reminiscent of a classic engraved invitation. But, with the chocolate brown reception card and the hint of pink (not shown) ink on the response card, it's been updated to reflect a more modern bride.


Maggie is one of my all time favorite designs. Named after one of my dearest friends, who I have always considered to be so elegant and yet so approachable, Maggie is our interpretation of a simple, but stunning wedding invitation. This design actually uses foil and engraving to create a two tone effect. Love, love, love this one. It's tradition with a bit of bling.


Abigail is all about fun. It's engraved using white ink on kelly green paper which produces an amazingly sharp result. This one truly pops. It's a little bit preppy, a little bit old school...all infused with a bit of personality which I love. This monogram can be completely customized so that it perfectly represents you. It's our newest look and the green paper is being eaten up by brides.

The best part about our invitations is that they are completely customizable. If you love the Abigail monogram, but want to print it in berry colored ink, on the chocolate brown paper from the Courtney line, it's no problem! We want your invitation to reflect you as a couple, and we want it to be the perfect introduction to your perfect day. If you have any questions about where you can see the line, just shoot me a quick email (abby at abbyjeanpress dot com). We have added a bunch of stores lately, so our website is currently being updated.