Lark Cake Shop - Inspired Weddings
September 25, 2007

Can one color, one photo, one cake... inspire an entire affair? When I saw this cake designed by Lark Cake Shop, I was totally convinced.


I am in love with this cake. One part whimsy, one part beauty. Although it isn't a traditional wedding cake, it seems sophisticated and elegant enough to hold its own at a any wedding. So for me, the answer is yes. A color, a photo, a cake....all can inspire your entire affair.

Here is my wedding board, inspired by the above Lark Cake Shop creation...


Top flowers by Rebecca Thuss, Gold invitation by Ceci NY, Necklace by Saylor Sage, Flowers photo on bottom by Megan Sorel, Gold bracelets by Rebecca Norman. All other photos taken by Elizabeth Messina.

What do you think? My goal was to allow the cake to inspire the wedding...not to match it identically. The golds, deep pinks and cream hues...with a faint touch of teal blue, gave way to what I believe would be a stunningly sophisticated color palette. The gold lattice work on the cake was translated thru the patterning on the invitations and the ornate, though gorgeous jewelry. I softened the look up a bit and brought in an old world charm with the ruffled gown and the traditional roses.