Event Design by Hatch Creative
September 20, 2007

I love this event done by Hatch Creative Studio in NY. The soft greens, the tea lights in mason jars, the creamy white flowers and the miniature magnifying glasses...every detail is so pretty and delicate. This is the perfect look for a Sunday wedding or a really intimate family affair.


Although I don't know Hatch's specific resources for the items featured above, I did find my own interpretation of the pieces...

You can find really similar bowls, white chopsticks and square chargers at Pearl River. The mason jars in various sizes at Container and Packaging. The tea lights can be bought in bulk at the Discount Candle Shop. And the cute magnifying glass favors can be found at Oriental Trading.

I love how easy and inexpensive this whole look is...when you are trying to save money, buy in bulk. A lot of one item (in this case, mason jars with tea lights) can make a huge impact.