Martha Stewart Weddings
September 19, 2007

Yesterday could have possibly been the greatest day that I have ever had. Well okay, my wedding was the greatest day. Yesterday was a pretty close second. Style Me Pretty, along with four other wonderful blogs, was featured by Martha Stewart on her morning show. Yep, it's true. She opened the show with a little segment on blogs, then mentioned a few of us in the audience, mine included! It was SUCH an honor and to be honest, I don't think that a single producer there knew that I wasn't completely over the moon. I had a hard time keeping the silly, little girl grin off my face, I clapped a little too loudly and I jumped up to lead the standing ovation when Martha walked out. Well at least that is what I was doing in my head:)

Anyway, to thank her, I thought that I would do a post on her 10th anniversary issue, published in 2005 which was briefly shown on yesterday's show. Here are her top ten favorite wedding stories...


The Top Row: The first photo is a suite of wedding stationery which Martha believes makes the details of your wedding more memorable and personal. The second photo is a green bouquet, mixing viburnum with Queen Anne's lace. The third photo is a tower of roses cake from 1998.

The Second Row: The first photo is a unique arrangement from 2000 which pairs mauve and citrus green, alternating sizes to take advantage of a long table. The second is a wreath made of fresh flowers, this one using freesia, dahlias and roses. Perfect for a "just married" car. The third photo was created using 150 hybrid tea roses and was formed into a heart shape. So pretty. The fourth picture is a group of details that incorporate a distinct this case, daisies.

The Bottom Row: Of course, the gorgeous tower of cupcakes that was featured in the 2003 issue and has become so popular. The second photo is a winter white candy bar, featured in 2001. The third photo are "dragees all dressed up." Perfect ways to make a classic wedding treat, so unique.

So, thank you Martha, for featuring Style Me Pretty on your show. It was an incredible experience that I will not forget. And to readers, if you ever have an opportunity to make a NY trip and visit the Martha Stewart Show, you are in for such a treat. The set is gorgeous, Martha is captivating and watching the show unfold is a true experience.

The other blogs that were featured, which you absolutely have to check out if you haven't already are the Hostess Blog, Pink of Perfection, Smitten Kitchen and Wednesday Chef.