September 17, 2007

Style Me Pretty has been such a labor of love. What started out as a fun and flirty blog has blossomed into a full-fledged website, approaching weddings from the unique perspective of a style obsessed bride. Along the way, we hope that it will inspire you and excite you, and of course, keep you coming back for more.

Inspiration Boards

Our most popular days are those when the readers get to express their ingenuity by creating a wedding inspiration board of their own. Here are two of my favorite, reader generated boards...

Avalonp Laurap

Before we began our reader submitted boards, SMP designed custom inspiration boards for brides in need of a bit of help. Although most brides know what they love, they have a difficult time bringing all of the elements together into one cohesive look. That is where Style Me Pretty steps in! Readers begin by sending us ideas as to what their dream wedding might include. We delve into our bag of inspiration and compile a style board suited to their own unique personality and vision. Their custom inspiration board, along with a list of creative details that they can then infuse into their affair is then published on SMP. Here are a couple of highlights (click to see details)...

Chic2 Coffee_inspiration_board

Fabulous Finds

Aside from the Inspiration Boards, SMP has become known to readers as a guide to chic and sophisticated vendors that are producing truly inspired work. From Martha Stewart's DIY ideas to Oh How Charming's beautifully styled events, from the luxurious invitation created by Charming Gardener to the stunning photography by Elizabeth Messina, SMP is always searching for designers that can truly inspire our readers to create the wedding of their dreams.

Color Palettes

We also encourage people to dream up unique and expressive color palettes, that will ultimately help to define the overall look and style of their wedding. From bold palettes...


To those a bit more whimsical...


SMP encourages brides to let their color palette guide their way when planning a wedding that is uniquely their own.

Reader Ideas and Inspiration

And now that SMP has found a nice following of loyal readers, we have started to focus more on their own unique ideas and inspirations. This recently featured wedding from one of our readers was done for under $20k. Avalon, the bride, provided some really great cost cutting tips that the readers went nuts for...


This affair, thrown by readers Keren and Corey Springer, highlighted ten elements that made their wedding truly spectacular...


Style Me Pretty is about inspiration. It's about not only designing a beautiful wedding, but rather designing a day that truly reflects the couple...that captures the little nuances that make their relationship so very special. It's about teaching brides and grooms to edit their many loves so that the result is both cohesive and seamless. It's about showing readers how to find inspiration in places that they might not think to look...their grandmother's jewelry box, a line from their favorite book, the restaurant where they had their first date. It's a blog, it's a guide, it's a how-to site...but in the end, it's an inspired affair.