September 6, 2007

Emily Anderson, author of Eco-Chic Weddings (and now of her new blog), has been sweet enough to share with us her own inspiration board for an environmentally sound affair, without sacricing beauty or style. So, let's get right to it...


Emily Anderson

Style Me Pretty—Eco-Chic Inspiration Board Sept 5, 2007

Eco-Chic Weddings Inspiration Board

"Bohemian Rhapsody”

Vintage Postcard (top right): This inspiration board began with this vintage postcard. I have often run across old postcards from the late 1800’s when it was wildly popular to send correspondence on an almost daily basis. Often the sender would simply sign his or her name. And when love was the subject, the beautiful illustrations like this one said what words could not. So what a lovely idea for a wedding invitation, I thought; You could borrow the design from a vintage card, and print your own invites (on recycled paper of course).

Dress (top center): This look is from an old issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. It set the tone for me with this inspiration board. The whole look is full of drama and intrigue, as well as being very pretty and feminine. The lace looks like it could have come from a grandmother’s closet, and the dress is so glamorous it might have been worn in the 30’s by a siren of the screen. There are so many fantastic vintage resources, it wouldn’t be hard to recreate this look. I recommend

Jewels (second down on right column): Kari Beth creates such beautiful delicate things out of old materials. This necklace looks like lace, and it’s a fitting piece for the bohemian bride to wear down the aisle…it’s something suddenly transformed, into something even more beautiful, just like the bride herself.

Bag (third down on right column): Why not carry a fabulous red silk bag like this one? I love the way pinks and reds work together, and this bag inspired the overall palette for me. It’s also something that one might find in the back of a grandmother’s closet, wrapped carefully so the moths can’t get to it. And maybe there’s an old lipstick, or even a dance card stuck in an inside pocket, giving it just the right air of romance.

Place (bottom left): What a perfectly smashing place for the dramatic entrance of this eco-chic, sophisticated bride. Glen Magna Farms is owned by the Danvers Historical Society, a private not-for-profit, founded in 1889 “to discover, collect and preserve objects which illustrate local history, but particularly the history and development of the Town of Danvers.” The Society owns three historic sites, a museum and office building and is steward of the Endicott Burial Ground. It’s a recycled place, and is important to the community as a historic garden and home. Plus, they only host one event a day, which is something I always think is important.

Flowers (top left): I couldn’t imagine a better name for your wedding flowers than these “Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate…” They’re beautiful and eco-chic, because they’re dried and grown right here in the States. Did you know that the FDA doesn’t regulate the amount of pesticides used on flowers imported into the U.S.? So it’s always healthier to get your flowers from domestic producers.

Trophy (bottom right): I have always wanted to get a whole bunch of vintage trophies and use them for a party. What a fantastic centerpiece idea, and how perfect for the eco-chic, grand affair I imagine for this bride. A sense of nobility but with a little bit of an edge. Lots of trophies to be found on ebay. I just found one for less than $15, as a matter of fact.

Food: If I were planning my wedding all over again, I would serve a vegetarian meal. Nothing has a greater environmental impact than reducing the amount of meat we consume on a day-to-day basis. Why not start with a delicious vegetarian feast on your wedding day? I think this Gemelli Salad from Martha Stewart Living looks delectable.