Avalon's Inspiration Board - Chocolate and White
August 30, 2007
United States


From Avalon...

We were married on 08.10.07 in Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, CA and used a dark chocolate, white, and aqua color palette. We let the natural setting around us infuse the wedding with different shades of green. We wanted our wedding to be simple, elegant, and special, which is what led me to choose these nine pictures in particular.

Top Row:

(L) Brooch from Bride and Bloom

(C) Bark Vases by Small Stump via d*s guest blog by Rebecca of Moontree Letterpress

(R) Champagne glasses by Brides.com

Middle Row:

(L) Candy Buffet - MS Weddings

(C) Cake - MS Weddings

(R) Zara Home Ad - Housemartin Blog

Bottom Row:

(L) Hydrangeas - Brides.com

(C) Lisa and Nick's Wedding - MS Weddings

(R) Pretty Bride - theknot.com, or maybe brides.com

Here is how the inspiration came to life:

We gave our baker the photo of the cake and asked him to replicate it. Ours had strawberries with grand marnier inside with fresh whipped cream. Because we had a Friday morning brunch, we thought that focusing on champagne was a good way to make sure the reception still seemed special and elegant. We added the words "champagne brunch to follow" at the bottom of our invitations to make sure everyone knew what to expect. I loved the Martha Steward candy buffet from the moment I laid eyes on it. We chose to use dark brown and white candy in a mix of glass vases with hand made labels, and customized bags in a mirrored tray. Although be careful, candy buffets can be much more expensive than you might expect! We loved how ours added to the decor during the reception and gave our guests something to do. The muted blue and gray vases are colors we love and use throughout our home. We took Abby's advice and used a variety of shades of aqua ranging from dark and bright to light and muted. I think it gave the event a more nuanced and upscale appearance. The hydrangeas in the sculptural vases were such a huge inspiration from the beginning. We chose to use three stems of white dendrobium orchids in Kenneth Wingard vases for our centerpieces, which added a more lush feel than the hydrangeas. Lisa and Nick's wedding was the most directly inspirational "real wedding" I came across in the whole process. It made me feel it would be possible to have a unique, clean, and beautiful wedding that could be filled with as much or as little tradition as we chose. We used long tables pushed together, brown runners and napkins with white square plates for a modern and clean feeling. Lastly, I chose the smiling model because she looks glowing, vibrant and happy, which is part of the whole feeling we wanted. In the end, our wedding was more beautiful and fun than we ever imagined it could be. I think collecting beautiful and inspirational images was important in planning our wedding, but I think that it was editing down and focusing on a few great ideas that truly made it perfect.