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August 30, 2007



Resources (top-bottom, left-right):Votive Candles: Cox and Cox / Yellow Sweater Bride: Genifer Goodman, covered in multiple blogs and Martha Stewart weddings / Dress: Wai Ching / Blood Oranges: Ready Made, Issue 21 / Purple Invitation: Louella Press / Night Banquet: Ready Made, Issue 21 / Green Apple and Passionfruit Mousse cake: Aapplemint Blog / Succulent Planters: Rose and Radish / Yellow Pattern: Snow & Graham / Ring: Conroy & Wilcox / Yellow Invitation: Mr. Boddington's Studio / Citrus & Grey: Domino February 2007

From Anna...

(a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who has a secret love for stationery and office supplies)

This wedding is about the sophisticated use of feisty color and style within the casual approach of a backyard BBQ. Ideally, the party would be shared with a modern indoor space that opens to naturally landscaped outdoors. An intimate guest list and relaxed tone should enable everyone to feel at home. The wedding would not be extravagant, but every detail chosen to set the mood will show that there was much thought put into each element. The feeling would be warm, hand-picked and unique. Tradition will not trump the individual style of the bride and groom at this affair.