August 29, 2007

My friend, Damon, recently emailed me to let me know about his awesome new company...ScanCafe.

Here is how it sift thru all of your old photos, negatives, slides, anything really. You package them up in a box then print a UPS label from the ScanCafe site (they pay for it) and drop off the package at the nearest UPS. Once they get it, they upload all of your old photos into your own personal database. From there, you choose the photos you love (only paying for those you actually use) and either have them re-printed, turned into an album or a slideshow DVD, or simply get all your photos organized into one tidy online location...they even restore your old photos if need be.

So, this got me thinking. How perfect would this be as a gift to your mom and dad, your grandparents, your new inlaws! Using photos from their childhood, from their parents' childhood...showing that love comes in so many different ways. From the first chocolate chip cookie that your grandmother baked you, to your parents blissful (if not a bit tacky) wedding day. Check out the testimonials for more ideas.

Or, for your bridesmaids. All your college photos in a place where they can laugh at them whenever they want. The options really are endless. ScanCafe really is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding gifts. And don't worry...they have a really great system so that your photos remain protected and in good condition...and more importantly, they are returned safe and sound, along with a CD/DVD with the images.