Wedding Colors
August 28, 2007

Most of the questions that I get tend to revolve around color palette dilemmas. While your wedding colors are certainly important…they are by no means the only element that will dictate the feel of your wedding. The length and style of your ceremony, the guest list, the décor, the food you serve, the music you play, the dress code…these are all things that will ultimately create the ambiance of your wedding. The color palette will serve to ENHANCE these otherwise important elements.


So, how do you pick a beautiful color palette? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Wardrobe Inspiration - Pull out your five absolute most favorite things to wear. Then have your fiancé do the same. Sometimes your favorite color is not the one that you gravitate to most often. Do you find that you have a lot of different colors? Do you find that you have mostly neutrals? This will help you to see what hues are “you.”

2. Magazine Inspiration - Now if your wardrobe is all blacks and grays, perhaps the first exercise isn’t for you. Instead, go out and vow to spend $30 on the first magazines that catch your eye from the home design and bridal sections. Go home and spend one hour (no more, or else that means you are thinking WAY too hard) and pull out the photos that you absolutely love. Once you’ve done that, find a unifying color or colors…I guarantee you that there will be some similarity in color among the pictures that you rip out.

3. Palette Generator - If the magazine exercise is just a bit too overwhelming for you, try this…find one picture on Style Me Pretty that you love. Maybe it’s a cake, maybe it’s an inspiration board. Just find one that you really love. Save it to your computer. Then, head over to Big Huge Lab’s Palette Generator and upload it…voila, your palette is complete.

Once you have a general idea as to what colors your love, it’s time to refine them into a true palette. Remember that one color can have so many different layers, just by varying the texture and the hue. Here are some basic rules…

-You want to stick to one or two general color families. For example, teal and berry look stunning together, despite the fact that they are in two different families. By bringing in various hues within each family, you will add a dimension to the palette that will make it seem more chic and refined. If you do want a multi-colored palette, make sure you understand the tones in each color. They need to balance each other, not clash with each other.

-It’s good to have an anchor color. Blush and Creams look beautiful with Chocolate as the anchor. Teal and Berry look stunning with a rich, creamy white. Varying shades of yellow look absolutely gorgeous with Navy Blue accents.

-If you are sticking to one color family…vary the hues to give your room depth and a sense of layers. A neutral palette could have creams, blushes, nudes, champagnes and chocolates while still seeming cohesive and pulled together.

-A great way to break up a stark color palette is to introduce a pattern or texture. For example, a black and white wedding might seem a bit cold…but bringing in a beautiful brocade pattern will add a funky, artsy vibe. A red and blue palette might seem a bit elementary, though introducing polkadot hobnail vases or classic silver mint julep cups, will bring a vintage feel to the wedding.

If you stick to these general guidelines, chances are, your wedding colors will be beautiful. When in doubt, go for more muted tones. Even great blues, pinks and reds look stunning when the hues are softer and more elegant.