Wedding Details by For Your Party
August 9, 2007

It's really hard to find ways to have personalized products at your wedding, like napkins and matchbooks, without seeming overly cheesy. The key is in finding the right colors, choosing the right font and designing a nice layout. I love that For Your Party has such nice options to choose from...really cute typefaces, really sophisticated colors and a really good selection of layouts.


Here are some tips for incorporating these personalized goodies into your wedding...

-Pair a scrip font with a block font. I really like the the Bickley with the Bernhard Fashion, the Carpenter with Didot and the Bickham with the Bernhard Modern. Never use more than 2 fonts at a time.

-I really think that although your name/date is nice, it's cuter to incorporate little sayings like "let them eat cake" or "eat, drink and be merry." Even a favorite quote or a line from a movie is cute.

-Monograms are always a nice touch. I am loving the single letter monogram (like the "g" in the top right picture). So sophisticated.

-Don't overkill with color...stick to 1 or 2 colors that reflect your wedding palette. When in doubt, go with a white or chocolate with a colored ink.

-Stick with one or two coasters and stir sticks, or cocktail napkins and guest towels. If everything is personalized, it will seem cheesy.

If you stick to these general guidelines, adding personalized products can be a really great to infuse a little personality into your wedding!