Dear Abby...
August 7, 2007

Dear AbbyI have a color hangover from last week's contest. So today, I thought that we could address the somewhat neglected Questions that have been piling up in my inbox! I am going to let you guys take a crack at them, then I will post my answers a little later in the day!

Our first question comes from Dina...


Q 1: Here is the problem - I've always loved the look of an all white wedding. I think that it's so pure and timeless. But, I fear being too boring or minimalist. I want a refined, elegant look, but don't want to be too stuffy. However, on the other hand, I loooove the look of bright vivid colors and being a fellow Martha fan, saw the most amazing fruit and flower centerpieces two issues back and think that it would be so lovely for summertime and enjoying the outdoor spaces. I love the idea of a vintage feel to things - and the notion of crystals hanging from flowering branches. I am not sure how to tie all of these together. As you can see, I'm in some serious need of design help.

Note: Dina and her fiance are getting married at a historical mansion just outside Philadelphia, PA on June 22, 2008. They are only inviting 80 people to keep things very intimate and completely focused on family.

A 1: Hey Dina...I think that many of the comments hit the nail on the head. An all white wedding can be so sophisticated and elegant...and anything BUT boring. The key though, is bringing in various shades of whites and a multitute of textures. By layering these elements together, you will create a depth that is sometimes missing in a stark, all white look. Think lace layered over creamy white linens, puffy white peonies placed in smooth laquered vases, crystals strewn about on tables, flowing white fabric hanging from branches. Lastly, with all of the white elements, you really also need a neutral color to break up the monotony. Green is the perfect accent for an all white wedding, mainly because you can incorporate it naturally through plants and flowers. Bottom line, white can be both elegant and rich looking. Just make sure that you layer...and use GOBS of candles to finish it all off.

The second question is from Sandra...


Q 2: my wedding date is quickly approaching, but I've gotten hung up on one of the best details of it -- dessert! I'm not a big cake fan, so I have been thinking about creating a dessert bar/buffet for my guests. Do you (or your readers) have any ideas for presentation or selection?

A 2: Sandra...I love the idea of a dessert buffet in lieu of a traditional cake. And I really love the idea that was posted in the comments section about using mini tins with white napkins tucked inside so that guests can have "take aways." As for presentation, I say, stay consistent. Go with all white platters and stands, or all crystal, or all tin...let the desserts themselves take center stage. Take a peak at the above photo on Domino. I love how they used the desserts themselves to create height and dimension. Your eye only sees the beautiful food that you are about to devour.

And the third question is from "A L"...


Q 3: I'm looking for dresses that are similar in silhouette and style to Reem Acra's 'Beautiful' from Fall 2007.Any thoughts on such empire gowns / sheaths?

A 3: A L...I am in LOVE with the sheath gowns that are all the rage right elegant and romantic. Love, love, love them. I am going to take a look at the latest gowns and will post my favorite sheaths a little later in the day.