Wedding Cakes
July 26, 2007

update...I am going to be working on my blog design today, so forgive me if there are little hiccups here and there!

I woke up this morning thinking about chocolate. Chocolate cake, actually.

My problem is...I have become completely and unabashedly addicted to the food/life/love/everything blog, Orangette. Last night, I read her post about chocolate cake and low and behold, I can't stop thinking about chocolate cake. So I figure the next best thing to actually baking and devouring an entire cake, would be to blog about it, right??

I am going nuts over the chic concoctions that the Vanilla Bakeshop in Los Angeles is creating...


I also love the pretty cakes that Jen's Desserts is cooking up in Seattle...contemporary and understated. Perfect inspiration in my opinion!


Okay, I lied. There really isn't a "next best thing" to eating and devouring a chocolate cake!