Desserts by Buttercake Bakery
June 13, 2007
United States

I have officially survived 2 full days without carbs. If you knew me, you would understand just how amazing this is. I have been moaning and groaning about the 10 pounds that I gained post-wedding, for nearly 2 years now...but for the life of me, I can't seem to make it past 3 o'clock when I start a diet. Anyway, since misery loves company, I thought that I would post about this lovely little bakery in LA, called Buttercake Bakery, that one of our readers emailed me about.

I love that their baked goods aren't too perfect, or too designed...they remind me of stuff that Mom (okay, not my mom, per se) made growing up.


The girls at Buttercake Bakery are happy and able to ship out their oh-so-good treats anywhere in the country (extra charges will apply). How perfect would these be for favors, served with a piping hot cup of coffee? I am imagining those cute heart cookies in white handkerchiefs, secured with bakery twine wrapped a few times around the center. Then, a letterpressed note attached (or handwritten in red ink) that says, "from our hearts to yours." Cheesy? Or cute?

Cakes are $12 for a 5" round and $30.00 for a 9" round. Cookies and scones are around $1.50, bars start at $2.25, cupcakes are around $2.00, tarts are $20.00 for an 8" and $30.00 for a 10". Buttercake Bakery also puts together gift baskets filled with their goodies, that start at $27.50.