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Inspiratin Board: Sophisticated Glamour
May 30, 2007

I have had a few people write to me requesting an Inspiration Board that reflects an ultra-glamorous affair...complete, unabashed luxury. With a bit of bling. So today's board isn't really for anyone in particular, but rather for all of those girls reading this blog, that dream of a lavish wedding fit for a princess.


Top Row: Gown by Kenneth Pool on Brides, Flowers by Kathleen Deery, Dress by Melissa Sweet; Center Row: Photo by Mark's Garden, Calligraphy by Tracy Joe, Champagne on Wedding Style Magazine; Bottom Row: Cake by April Reed, Car by British Motor Coach, Flowers on Brides.

Here are some nice details that you could incorporate into this type of affair...some a bit over the top and expensive, others very doable on any budget:

-When I saw the wedding dress above, it reminded me of a Grace Kelly-ish, Oscar gown. I love that. A soft white dress is perfect for this occasion and of course, I gigantic full skirt fits the bill entirely. If that is a bit too much for you, I also love these sexy, but sophisticated gowns that are a little more understated. If you are having a winter wedding, a cashmere wrap and red lipstick would be stunning. If not, you could play up the glam by wearing a sleek low ponytale and a gorgeous diamond necklace or bracelet.

-Boys should be in a Black Tie...classic, simple and sophisticated. For the bridesmaids, a super-chic black cocktail dress or gown would be stunning. I am not really into matchy-matchy, which is why I love the Melissa Sweet cocktail dress above. It is such a twist on a classic look and it allows the bride to be center stage.

-The flowers would look beautiful if they are all kept in the soft white, cream and ivory families. Not a lot of greenery or you will end up looking a lot more traditional, than glam. If you are sticking to one color palette with your flowers, it is a great idea to vary the shades and textures of the flowers to provide depth and interest. Keep the vases really sleek and simple if possible.

-For an event like this, lighting is really key. Make sure to talk to an expert at your venue about unique ways to create a chic ambiance. Lighting is one way to completely change the look and feel of a room. You really see your dollars at work when you utilize your lighting options.

-Crystal and Candles...what more can I say. Use them everywhere...in everything, on everything, next to everything. Sprinkle loose crystals on the table around the centerpieces and tuck tea lights into them. Use a large tray, covered with loose crystals to display your place cards. Pour the crystals in about 2" deep so that they become a bed for the cards. Hand strands against a boring wall to bring dimension and sparkle into the room. Have your florist place little glitzy crystal pins inside your arrangements...you won't notice that they are there, other than to give off a beautiful sparkle. If you can, bring in chandeliers. Oh, and if you really want to go nuts, have your baker use sugar glitter to coat your cake...we did this and the result was STUNNING.

-Mirrors...places like Garden Ridge Pottery and Home Depot sell large, pretty mirrors at great prices. It would be beautiful to prop extra large mirrors against walls in various rooms. This will help facilitate that glamorous, romantic environment and will accentuate the glow from the candles and crystals. Make sure to find mirrors that are either antiqued looking or are pretty ornate.

-Tables...for complete luxury, use square tables with plush benches, all individually lit with hanging chandeliers and accented with low, tightly-packed centerpieces. If your budget isn't that great...stick with the round tables but cover them in a gorgeous fabric either a darker color like chocolate, or a soft white. Use gold chivari chairs rather than the banquet style chairs. Make sure that the table is dressed with all of the appropriate glassware and silverware....the more you adhere to correct etiquette, the more opulent your table will look.

-When you go for a style like this one, it is important that every detail reflects your overall look. The food should be indicative of indulgence and decadence...caviar and crisp champagne, filet mignon, sorbet to cleanse your palette and of course, lots of chocolate. If you can't afford to do all of these, pick one part of the menu and make sure that it is superb.

-Leave your guests with a lasting impression by sending them off with lavish chocolates, a mini bottle of champagne, something luxurious and extravagant.

This wedding is all about romance and glitter. Just remember, an over-the-top affair can often seem impersonal and a bit staged. Counter that feeling by bringing in really intimate elements....personalized vows, hearty and warm toasts, hand written menus, notes of thanks on each person's place setting...anything that will allow your guests to feel like not only are they at a beautiful event, they are at a beautiful event given for two people that they love.

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