Ribbon Detail
May 22, 2007

Holly, over at Decor8, recently posted about this great ribbon company called The Ribbon Jar. It got me thinking about all of the little ways that you can incorporate a beautiful ribbon into your wedding decor. It is incredible how an inexpensive detail can add so much, if done with elegance and style. Here are some ways that I have seen ribbon incorporated beautifully...


All of the photos are from Oh How Charming! with the exception of the green hanging place cards, which are from the Charming Gardener. I love how elegant these ribbon details are...from silk wraps on invitations and napkins, to program ties that add a shot of color to your decor and even wispy strands just blowing in the breeze. So romantic and dreamy.

You can use ribbon to elegantly tie your favor bags or boxes, to wrap inexpensive vases, to hang photos of yourselves, to add detail to your wedding stationery...oh, the options are endless. But please remember, an overdose of ribbon crafts can also come off as cheap and cheesy. Try to stay simple with your colors and styles, and forgo the elaborate bows. Opt for elegant fabrics and chic, simple ties.