Abby Jean & Fontaine Maury Contest!
May 11, 2007

Hi everyone! We are finally settled in Boston after a brutally long week of moving. But, we arrived to PERFECT weather which makes the whole thing seem worth it.

Okay, let's get to it. For those of you that don't already know, Abby Jean recently joined forces with Fontaine Maury, a great custom stationery company based out of Georgia. The girls at Fontaine Maury have such a smart aesthetic, but more importantly, they have big dreams for Abby Jean and together, we are going to grow the line and introduce some wonderful new designs.

So, in honor of the "marriage" we are hoping to have YOUR help in launching one of our new pieces! The color palette for the first design is a beautiful butter yellow , chocolate brown and a creamy white. We want the invitation to be classic and timeless, using a great new monogram (something that you can thread through various elements of your wedding papers) though complimented with a contemporary pattern in the liners and perhaps accent pieces.

Take a look at the monogram choices below. Which one do you gravitate towards the most, which one do you think has the most versatility, which one would you like on your own stationery? The person that gives the best feedback will win a set of their very own personalized stationery by Fontaine Maury. Can't beat that!!

(make sure you click on it to make it larger, and more clear)