Inspiration Board: Southern Class
May 1, 2007

Today's inspiration board was actually created by one of my readers, Catie! She did a such a beautiful board that I wanted to post it for all of you to see.


A few little details that Catie could also do...

-Give your mom a handkerchief to walk down the aisle with...either made of scraps from your gown, or store bought.

-Give your bridesmaids lockets with a picture of you and the appropriate maid inside. Lockets are really coming back, so are there some great designers making them. However, you can still find some beauties on Ebay.

-Rather than having just religious verses read during the ceremony, bring in a favorite poem or a personal story written by a parent...something that tells your guests about who you are as a couple. Read a note to each other, hire someone to sing your favorite ballad, you get the drift.

-Definitely serve classic Southern fare...updated with elegance and sophistication. Mint Juleps or cold champagne are perfect and would cut down on the cost of a full bar bill. Think crab cakes with corn relish, sweet onion and heirloom tomato tarts, perhaps even an oyster bar.

-Buy panels of ivory dupioni silk or duchess satin and drape them over the back of every other chair. The edges can be "hemmed" with the iron on brands that are so easy. This will bring such beautiful texture to the room and will really create that warm, romantic feeling.

-Drop loose crystals all over the tables which will let the light from the candles really bounce and will create a lovely glow.

-Have candles or single flower buds placed in small mint julep cups that have your new initial engraved in them, for the guests to take as favors. Such a pretty, southern accent.

-Bring in a monogram and thread it through the decor...elegantly, not over-the-top. Think embroidery on napkins, printed at the top of a menu or place cards, on favor bags. Catie actually sent me a few of her monogram samples that she has been playing...take a look!


She has also graciously offered to do a free monogram for you if you'd like...just shoot her an email ( and she will work her magic!

Bottom line for Catie's affair is simple, Southern elegance. It should be warm, intimate and romantic...almost like having dinner with a bunch of friends at a quaint B&B. Garden type flowers like fluffy peonies, classic Southern foods and a big band to top of the festivities would make the wedding perfect.