I Love Vera, Lots and Lots of Vera
April 26, 2007

Yesterday I told you that I would post my favorite Vera Wang gowns for the 2007 season. Well, I seriously couldn't choose. They are all GORGEOUS. Some are a lot more wearable than others, but they are all architecturally stunning. What struck me the most about this particular season, is the detail on each gown. Take a look...


The craftsmanship involved is completely incredible...in each gown, she manages to find the balance between timelessness and chic sophistication. Bottom line, Vera is amazing. Of course, the price tag is often pretty amazing too.

So now let me tell you the story behind my amazing gown AND my amazing price tag. I had exhausted just about every dress in the city of Houston before finally deciding on a super simple Ulla Maiji gown. I was happy, but not thrilled. I decided to ask the sales girl if she had ANY other gowns that I hadn't tried on. She thought for a minute, then without a word headed into the back room. Seconds later she returned with what I will always believe was the dress of my dreams. A Vera Wang from her Luxe Collection. Yep, your heard me right. To make matters better (or worse if you are my dad), it fit like a well made glove.

Now here is the amazing part...the dress was purchased by a bride who that morning, had come in and canceled her wedding. Because it was sized for this particular bride, they were going to have a hard time selling the gown on the floor. They offered it to me at 50% off. Done deal. We handed them the credit card and never looked back.

Since this fateful day, I've told my gown story a handful of times. Sadly, more than once, someone has said, "that happened to me too!!"  So now I'm thinking that perhaps there wasn't a sad bride or a canceled wedding...but I don't care. It was still worth every penny. Probably because they weren't my pennies.

Here are some pics of me and my glorious dress...


Ahhh, the dress. Although it feels completely awkward posting pictures of myself, I do love this dress.

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