April 24, 2007

I have a new blog design. Although I love the simplicity of the current Style Me Pretty site, it just doesn't seem like THE design. You know what I mean? So, I am going to enlist help from the people that care the most...the readers! Let's face it, although my husband "reads" (ie...he opens the blog on his computer each day), he is the last person to care about how pretty it is.

So each week, I am going to give you two designs to choose from...think eye doctor style: Version A or Version B, version B or Version C. Hopefully, we will all settle on the perfect design within a few weeks!

Here are the first two (version A at the top, version B at the bottom)...



Make sure you click on them to see the full sized versions. I admit, they are ROUGH drafts, but since you guys are the readers it only makes sense for you to look at something that you love! And, you can always say that you like the current design the best.

The person that gives the best feedback in terms of design, layout, additional items they want to see, etc. will win a $25 gift certificate to IOMOI.