Bluebird Studios
April 23, 2007

Rebecca, over at Bluebird Studios recently sent me some pictures of her gorgeous hand lettering pieces .

Personally, I think that calligraphy is one of those things that truly takes an invitation design to the next level. Really good calligraphy can make a pretty invitation spectacular, bringing in another element of design and beauty to the overall look. And yet, most people still think that calligraphy options are limited to that over-the-top, scripty-scrolly look that has been around for centuries. Not even close. The options are endless...from lettering styles, to ink colors, to illustration and monogramming, calligraphy can be used in so many unique and beautiful ways.

Just take a look at Rebecca's work to see what I mean...


High quality calligraphy ranges in price from $2-4 for inner/outer envelopes, depending on the complexity of your design, and up to $10 per piece for more elaborate items like menu cards. Smaller pieces like escort cards and table cards will run a bit lower. When you hire a calligrapher, make sure you see the samples in person (if they aren't in your area, have them mail you some hard samples) as well as their book of styles. Chances are, if you find a great artist, they can do just about any style you'd like.

Also, think about incorporating calligraphy in unique cards, thank you notes to guests, wall or floor decals, on favor boxes, the options are endless!

Oh! And check out Rebecca's blog when you have a's full of great stuff.