Calligraphy Fans
April 19, 2007

I have had a couple of requests lately to post about creative ideas for summer fans...if you are having an outdoor wedding anywhere in the summertime, fans are a great way to cool off your guests, while still bringing in another element of design. And yet, most of the fans that are out there are either the sandalwood versions or they are paper fans on popsical sticks. Although I do love some of the wooden fans, they are not always right for every ceremony.

That is why I was super excited to stumble across this beautiful idea by Grace Connell..


Okay, well maybe this wasn't meant to be a fan...but it certainly works! You could either leave the panels loose or you could bind them at the base so that they are already fanned out for your guests. They are so beautiful and I absolutely love the idea of incorporating calligraphy in unexpected ways.