Jessica Rust Designs
April 16, 2007

I was visiting my dear friend Cat, owner and designer of Cat Seto, at her new San Francisco boutique this weekend...which by the way, could possibly be the cutest little boutique I have ever seen...when I found these beautiful Jessica Rust pieces. Cat is so in-the-know with up and coming designers, so I was completely thrilled that she introduced me to Jessica's gorgeous ceramic work.

What really caught my attention with Jessica's designs is that each item is personalized...not in that icky-over-the-top, will-only-use-once kind of way, but in a sweetly sophisticated way. Her ceramics are delicate and understated, allowing you to commemorate your wedding or anniversary in a timeless and surprisingly chic way.


Plates run about $75 for a set of four, and mugs at $45, again for a set of four. What a great gift for your newly married friends! okay, seriously...what a great gift for you!! A pretty way to remind yourself that you really DO want to get married, despite his lack of interest in the guest list, the menu, the linens and your fervent quest for all things pink.