Sprinkles Cupcakes
April 13, 2007
United States

Well, apparently the whole world discovered Sprinkles Cupcakes before I did...but, that isn't going to stop me from going completely nuts over them. Sprinkles Cupcakes, originally based in Beverly Hills, makes the most head-over-heels adorable cupcakes...and I use the word cupcakes lightly because I am just not sure that it does these little treasures justice.


Ummm...yeah. They are that cute. For wedding favors, put these treats in clear, acetate boxes with a thick chocolate ribbon wrap around the center of the box, and a pretty, customized label placed over the ribbon with the words...."made especially for you...with love, Tait and Abby (insert bride and groom)." The perfect favor in my opinion.

To make the customized label, all you need is a computer, a color printer and a little bit of patience...

1. First, pick up these great labels at Paper-Source...they have tons of colors to choose from and a few creative sizes. The best part is that they are set up so that you can easily format them to the pre-designed label settings on your computer. If you choose the circle labels, all you have to do is click on the Microsoft Word template that they provide on their site.

2. Next, set up a Word document to the specifications that paper-source provides (see step 1), or click on the provided template.

3. Type your text on 2 lines..."Made especially for you..." on the first line, and "with love, bride and groom" on the second. Try to use 2 great fonts, a script and a block, to bring in more of a designed quality (Edwardian for the script and Century Gothic for the block are great, and are usually available on all computers). Choose a color that is at least 2 shades darker than the paper, then center your text.

4. Next, print them! Try to use the highest quality print setting so that you achieve a crisp, clear text. These settings vary depending on the type of printer you have. For Epson users, I recommend the "best photo" setting.


Easy as pie! Of course this is the most basic label layout, so definitely try experimenting with lined borders, single letter monograms and accents to complete the look. The key to printing or customizing things on your own is simplicity. Think minimalist.