More From Sonya!!
March 29, 2007

So sorry for my tardiness today...I have been on a fun work trip and didn't have a spare minute to put up today's post, which is actually super useful and fun. Sonya, editor of Daily Candy Dallas, is telling us all about her reception details for her upcoming here she is!

Once my fiancé and I had some basic ideas in place about the wedding ceremony, we set to work on the reception. Naturally, I wanted something wicked small. And, naturally, my beloved wanted to invite what seemed like the entire city of Dallas. So we made started by making a guest list. In Excel (I’m crazy that way), which we revised many, many (Did I mention many?) times before we ever made another decision. After settling on a figure (200), it was pretty clear to me that my hopes of having it at someplace small was out of the question.

This time, I did the brainstorming solo. I knew a large venue with a large crowd wouldn’t be ideal for me, so I needed to find a venue that I thought everyone (including myself) would be comfortable in. That meant no fancy reception halls, fancy flower arrangements, or even a dance floor. Of course, I was at a loss for ideas. Of course, I turned to my friends who are all brilliant and seem to know volumes more about all my little quirks than I do. One suggested a museum. And I liked it – until I realized renting out the Dallas Museum of Modern Art was beyond our budget. Another suggested an art gallery because, well, Dallas is teaming with art galleries. And the light bulb suddenly went off above my head

My fiancé and I had both been to the Dallas Center for Contemporary Arts for events in the past, and we loved the space so much. It was big yet small, simple yet elegant, and perfect yet perfect. We reached out to the venue, told them what we wanted (a casual get together of our industry friends to meet and, oh, hey, we just got married), and gave them the freedom to suggest whatever logistics they thought would work best (our cocktail tables are great, arrange them in clusters, the bar goes here). Again, it was one of those situations where I just felt like they’d know more about throwing events in their space than I ever could, so why not let them do their job and relax? So I did. And immediately set to work figuring out all the other details.

I cringed at the idea of traditional guest books. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I was already knee-deep in old issues of Martha Stewart Weddings. (Say what you well, but that woman knows her stuff,) Luckily, the very first magazine I’d ever picked up had a fantastic idea: Print tiny cards with the bride and groom’s names and have attendees use them to write little messages of love, hope, whatever to us. To make this possible, I headed straightaway to Paperie & Co. Next, I enlisted the help of master calligrapher Tara Jones to create a couple of signs that said, “Your message for Sonya and Paul” that we could elegantly attach via ribbon to a couple of glass containers from Garden Ridge Pottery

Next came the favors. After tossing up a couple of DIY ideas (we heart Martha), I decided on gorgeous handmade soaps from Valsey and Me. Guests will receive a package of five wrapped with a lovely grosgrain ribbon, and each one will say the date of our wedding, our names, and, on the back, “Made Exclusively for the Kixes.” So adorable.

We’ve decided to serve dessert and light hor d’oeuvres at the reception, but haven’t quite decided who will provide both. At the moment, the frontrunner for cake is Sprinkles Cupcakes. But for the non-sweets, we might easily turn to Costco for the food and drinks. As for decorations, we may just use our lovely centerpieces from the wedding to spruce up the museum. But because there will be an exhibit on display, we figure that might be all the decoration we need.

Thank you so much, Sonya, for sharing all of your wedding details...please send pictures as soon as you get them! I know that with your great taste, the event is sure to be a smashing success!!!