Sonya Castex, editor of Daily Candy Dallas Edition
March 28, 2007

Today's guest blog is written by one of my favorite people in the world...Sonya Castex, Dallas Editor for Daily Candy. Yep, you read it right, an editor at Daily Candy. How much better did this day just get!?!

So, I am going to quickly pass to pad (as in key pad) over to Sonya so she can you all about her wedding details...

I was never the girl who wanted to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I always liked the idea of finding someone to share your life with, but the idea of wearing a frilly white dress with long veils and blah, blah, blah always made me cringe. So when the other little girls were playing dress up in their white Easter dresses and pretending to live happily ever after with the family dog, I was busy envisioning myself as, well, anything else.

So when the time finally came last August to start planning my own wedding, I had only one demand: Keep it simple. And split the ordeal in half. My idea was to have something intimate, familiar, and, er, tolerable, which would only be possible if we did it in small doses. The solution? We opted for a small wedding and a separate party-slash-reception for our friends the next night.

Luckily, I knew exactly where my invitations were coming from ages before my fiance had even popped the question. And that made things much easier. Once Abby shared her idea for the wedding invite (a simple affair with only a few lines of text meant for only close friends and family) and reception invite (a more traditional invite with less-traditional ways), we had some tangible manifestation of the events we wanted to create. And that made everything seem to come together.

We decided on an intimate dinner party for 25 friends and family with a wedding tossed in for good measure all situated in a breathtaking backyard that belongs to two of our BFFs. Because I quickly realized I had no desire to trick out the setting, I turned it all over to the geniuses at Todd Events. We told them our initial ideas (simple and cheap!), and let them have at it. Their ideas for the tables (easy), lounge seating (elegant), our make-shift alter (gorgeous), and flowers (simple) has consistently amazed me. So it has enabled me to completely sit back and relax.

For the food, we talked to a few local caterers, but, in the end, decided just to go with our favorite restaurant, Alessio’s (We so heart the crab meat lasagna). We asked the chef to come up with his own menu since everything he makes is amazing. He created something around our two favorite dishes (the lasagna and calamari) that would appeal to the various tastes of our guests, so we are very pleased.

The cake was a total no brainer: Dallas Affairs. Because we weren’t doing the traditional cake (thank gawd), we asked them to come up with a simple, round, chocolate cake (my favorite) with periwinkle blue icing (our colors). On the top, we asked for a design to match our wedding cookies, which I just happened to stumble across online. The cake’s going to be filled with strawberries, Kalua, and an Italian crème icing. But for our one guest who’s allergic to strawberries, we’re going to have a special mini cake created just for her.

Picking the dress took about five minutes. I went straight to the Internet and searched for a simple dress (in ivory with an empire waist, criss=crossing straps, and a long fishtail) that I had been coveting from J. Crew’s weddings and parties shop,  Sadly (or luckily?), it wasn’t available this season, so I went to and found it for only $75. Then I promptly ordered J. Crew’s bridal monogramming for something blue and had it sewn into the dress at our local tailors.

Sonya will be back tomorrow with all of the lovely finds that she is incorporating into her reception!