Passing Notes
March 26, 2007

Being an indie designer, I sometimes stumble upon people that are so incredibly creative, it just makes me swell with pride. I know that sounds strange, as it's not actually my own creativitey that is making me swell, but rather some other person's and often times, my own competition. But it's true. There have been times that I actually have a physical reaction to the great work that is being done by small designers (read...butterflies in the stomach, large goofy smile spread across my face, and even an occasion "yay" while clapping my hands and jumping up and's rare, but it happens).

So today, I wanted to share with you the gorgeous work by one of these indie designers...Abbie of Passing Notes, a Bay Area stationery and design studio. Abbie's work is truly lovely, each piece thoughtfully designed and crafted in such a way that you feel like you know the person to which it's for. Here are some samples of Abbie's work...



How beautiful are these pictures? It seems that Abbie is the epitome of what a couture invitation designer should be...crafting gracefully mismatched pieces that compliment each other perfectly, and ultimately, tell a story in an elegant and understated way. If you have a few minutes, definitely take some time to peruse Abbie's website. Everything from her ideas and photographs, down to the copy and the graphic design is gorgeous.