Winner Announced
March 14, 2007

Okay, let me preface this by telling you that choosing a winner in the Sephora contest was MUCH more difficult than I could have anticipated. And I don't mean that as a beauty pageant answer, I am being completely honest. I was telling my best friend, Katie, today that part of the reason this world works is simply that there is such a wide array of ideas & opinions. It's why our economy keeps on kickin, it's why there are always plenty of best friends to go around, and's why we are able to find that one person that makes us smile.

With that said, I did choose a winner. Well, 2 winners. Okay 3. First place will be gifted the $50 gift certificate to Sephora and second will receive a $30 gift certificate. Third will receive a $20 gift certificate. Not much, I agree...but it will buy you a great lip gloss or sunless tanner!

And the prize goes to.....

First Place: Beth K for her great post about her LL Bean Tote! In my opinion, Beth hit the nail on the is all about those colors, patterns, those details that you love. It is about bringing together your favorite things and knowing that because you love everything individually, it will somehow, some way...just work.

Second Place: Sariah for her lovely post about her beloved grandmother. Last year, my grandmother gave me a locket that my grandfather's great aunt wore. It is so beautiful...the lines are perfect, the tarnished gold is just antique enough, it's just beautiful. I think that it is so important to keep those special people in the forefront of our lives, even if it is in simple ways like a strand of pearls. Just a great post.

And Finally, Third Place: Julie at Bv for her post about her recent wedding. I can't even tell you how much I wish I was at this wedding...confetti and fireworks, kids dancing and parents laughing, dining on french food and champagne. I am sighing as we speak. It sounds spectacular, and more importantly, it sounds inspired.

I had a ton of great posts and emails. I am going to post the emails in the next day or so because they were all incredibly thoughtful. I am so impressed by how articulate and imaginative my readers are...I want to continue to make this a place where ideas are plentiful and inspiration is shared. Thank you so much for being such a great audience!!!

Check back later for a feature on a new wedding favor find!