From a Living Room to a Wedding!
March 13, 2007

First and foremost...make sure you answer the contest question from yesterday! I am going to choose a winner tomorrow night and with a Sephora gift certificate at stake, there is nothing to lose!

As most of you know, I love Domino Magazine. And, one of the sections that I love the most is where they transform a single outfit into an entire room. Every time they do this, I am completely shocked at how dead on it is. And the best see a clear sense of their inspiration (the outfit) without it being overly matched or coordinated. Exactly what good design is all about.

So...I have decided to be a bit of a copycat and take on the impossible (well, okay...that is a bit of an exaggeration). Let's see if we can transform one of Domino's gorgeous rooms into an equally stunning wedding affair!

Here is the room that will serve as the inspiration...


And here is the wedding that I have come up with...drum roll please....


First Column: Notte by Marchesa at Neiman Marcus, Cake by Alice's Tea Cup, Gown by Oscar de la Renta on Brides

Second Column: Flowers on Brides, Sculpture on Brides, China and linen by Classic Party Rentals, Flowers on Brides, Pillow by Urban Outfitter, Ottoman by Taylor Creative

Third Column: Gown by BCBG on Saks, Chandelier on Domino, Suit by Banana Republic

So? What do you think? I tried to allow the room inspire rather than dictate the wedding...using colors, textures and simply a feeling that I got when I looked at the original picture. My favorite design aesthetic is tradition with a twist, so it only makes sense that a wedding could easily follow suit. What is your favorite aesthetic? Can it be transformed into a wedding?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Also, If you have a particular room, photo, piece of artwork, etc. that you want me to tackle, send it on over.